Charitable Activities

For Freemasons, four cardinal values guide their journey through life: Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Charity.

Charity is a fundamental aspect of Freemasonry, with Masons encouraged to offer support wherever needed, be it through personal care or fundraising efforts. Despite their significant global contributions, raising millions annually for various causes, Masons often remain unrecognised for their charitable endeavors.






The Masters charity

This year’s selected charity is Table88, which operates under the guise of ‘The Grumpy Cook’ cafe. Unlike a traditional food bank, it offers an everyday cafe experience. Committed to the principle that no one in a prosperous nation should face hunger or feel ashamed for needing help, Table88 ensures that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a proper meal in a cafe setting.

Additionally, Table88 is cultivating a community center within the cafe. It extends invitations to the elderly, who may otherwise seldom socialize, for a warm beverage, cake, and conversation. It also provides a haven for teenagers facing domestic instability, offering them a place to study with reliable internet and planned computer access, set to be available in Spring 2024.