What is Freemasonary?

Freemasonry represents the foremost secular, fraternal, and philanthropic institution in the United Kingdom, imparting self-awareness through a series of ceremonial stages. Members are anticipated to uphold high ethical standards and are urged to communicate freely regarding Freemasonry.

What happens at a lodge meeting?

The meeting, similar to those of other groups and exclusive to members, typically unfolds in two segments. Initially, standard administrative tasks are addressed, including:

– Reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting
– Proposing and voting for new members
– Discussing and deciding on the annual financial statements
– Sharing Masonic news and correspondence
– Updating on charitable activities

Subsequently, the meeting focuses on ceremonial aspects, such as:

– Welcoming new members
– The yearly induction of the Master of the Lodge and his officers

Why do Freemasons take oaths?

New Freemason vow to conduct themselves honorably within the Lodge and in the wider community. They pledge to maintain the confidentiality of their unique modes of recognition when visiting other Lodges. Additionally, they commit to aiding fellow members in distress, provided it does not interfere with their familial and civic duties.

Are Freemasons expected to give preference to each other?

Absolutely not. Such behavior would be deemed inappropriate and could result in measures against the participants. Upon induction, every new member affirms their understanding that membership yields no personal material benefits.

Do masons only donate to masonic charities?

While some Masonic charities primarily serve Masons and their dependents, many also provide substantial grants to non-Masonic organisations. These contributions play a significant role in supporting various community initiatives and charitable causes.

Why do Freemasons wear aprons?

The apron originates from the historical and symbolic traditions of stonemasons, who used leather aprons to protect themselves from sharp instruments and coarse stones. In contemporary Freemasonry, the apron serves as a symbol of membership. New members receive a white leather apron, which becomes increasingly ornate as they advance within the fraternity.

Can women be members?

Only men aged over 18 are allowed to join the United Grand Lodge of England in England and Wales.

The two leading women’s Grand Lodges, that we have the closest relationship with, are: Freemasonry for Women (HFAF) and the Order of Women Freemasons. These two groups only admit women because that is the choice of their memberships. Both of the women’s organisations, and ourselves, prefer to practice our Freemasonry in single sex environments. The United Grand Lodge of England regularly hires its facilities out for meetings of the two women’s Lodges due to our mutual respect and close relations.

How many Freemasons are there in the UK?

The United Grand Lodge of England has 180,000 members. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has approx. 27,000 members and The Grand Lodge of Ireland has approx. 20,000 members, whilst the two female Grand Lodges in England comprise of around 5,000 members. Worldwide there are estimated to be around six million members.