Heritage – Our Lodge History

Until 1926, Hadrian Lodge Number 2483 was the sole Masonic Craft Lodge in Bexhill. The lodge was numerically strong, but its facilities were notably limited. Additionally, an influx of Masons into Bexhill meant that opportunities for active participation in the lodge’s workings were scarce for both existing and new members.

In early 1926, several Masons began to consider the establishment of a new Craft Lodge. On February 4th of that year, a preliminary discussion with W Bro Harold Clark, manager of the Sackville Hotel, confirmed that the hotel’s Pillar Room could be modified to host lodge meetings.

By October 7th, 1926, the founding members convened at the Sackville Hotel and resolved to form a new lodge, named ‘Bexhill Lodge,’ with the Sackville’s accommodations deemed appropriate. They sought endorsement from Hadrian Lodge Number 2483 for their petition to the Grand Lodge and set the founders’ fee at 10 guineas.

It was also decided that the first officers would be Past Masters, if necessary, to ensure the lodge’s efficient operation. On November 10th, the petition, signed by the 16 founding Masons and endorsed by the Hadrian Lodge’s leadership, was submitted to the Provincial Grand Master, who, after inspecting the Sackville Hotel’s facilities, approved its forwarding to the Grand Lodge. Consequently, Bexhill Lodge Number 4898 was officially consecrated.

It is interesting to note that the local press described the founding of the Bexhill Lodge as ‘the first Lodge of Freemasons,which was born in the Borough’. This was because the Hadrian Lodge had been consecrated in Westham.

The prestigious Hallstone Medal was awarded to our Lodge by H.R.H. the late Duke of Connaught, the M.W. Grand Master at the time, as a token of appreciation for our contribution to his call for a Masonic Peace Memorial after the 1914-1918 war. This honor is ceremoniously passed from the outgoing master to the incoming one during the installation into this revered office.

Our Lodge’s first Regular Meeting was held on October 4th, 1927, marking the beginning of our journey with the initiation of Mr. Fred Spring. Over the course of the year, we held six meetings, often with two ceremonies each, signifying our Lodge’s progressive strides. On May 13th, 1931, in a momentous event to lay the Temple’s foundation stone on Wilton Road, our then Worshipful Master, W. Bro J.W.M. Howes, proudly joined the procession, bearing a cornucopia of corn. The Lodge started convening at the Temple from September 1939 onwards.