Lodge Information

Meetings & Dinners

Regular meetings are convened, each culminating in a dinner. We meet six times annually, on the first Tuesday of February, March, April, October, November, and December with the March meeting designated for ‘Installation’.

During the ‘Installation’, the incoming Master and his officers for the ensuing year are appointed.

The Masonic Centre on Wilton Road, Bexhill, serves as our meeting venue, with a 5pm start time for all but the March ‘Installation’ meeting, which commences at 4.30pm.

Meetings, exclusive to members, typically unfold in two segments. Initially, standard administrative tasks are conducted, including:

• Reviewing minutes from the prior meeting
• Nominating and voting on prospective members
• Deliberating and deciding on the yearly financial statements
• Updating on Masonic affairs and correspondence
• Sharing news of philanthropic endeavors

Subsequently, the ceremonies are held for:

• Welcoming new members
• The yearly ‘Installation’ of the Lodge Master and his officers

Lodge of Instruction

The ‘Lodge of Instruction’ is an opportunity to practice our ceremonies and master the associated tasks, aimed at enhancing the formal Lodge evening’s proceedings in a more casual setting.

These sessions have proven essential for members aspiring to advance to the Master’s Chair, and attendance is highly recommended for all.

These instructional meetings take place on each Tuesday, at The Masonic Centre, commencing at 7.30pm.

The week prior to a meeting the final  rehearsal is held  and all officers are expected to attend.